DO PESSOA, SEGUINDO OS NOSSOS HERÓIS had their starting point the Message, by Fernando Pessoa, a universal work but above all a Portuguese one. It is intended to present an interpretation of the three fundamental moments in the history of Portugal considered by the author - its formation, its worldwide expansion and its decline, respectively, the Brasão (Coat Of Arms), the Mar Português (Portuguese Sea) and the Encoberto (The Hidden One).

These paintings develop in the duality between the past and the future, taking up conquests from the land that we stepped on to the seas we navigated, with the culmination of a dream so big that led to the overthrow.

Inherent in Pessoa's work, I constructed imaginary scenarios where a collective memory became a personal memory, making a story of all time to a recreation that contextualized me in the present.

It was an introspective "journey", where the images presented were confronted by the search for implied meanings, which through affective, sensorial or spiritual, made it possible to inquire about words, transforming the real and the unreal.

Above all, continue, do not stay in the shadow of the past. Realize.

"... Oh Portugal, today you are fog. It's time!"
Fernando Pessoa

Acrílico e pastel de óleo s/ tela | Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas
200 x 95cm

Acrílico e pastel de óleo s/ tela | Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas
200 x 95cm

Acrílico e pastel de óleo s/ tela | Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas
200 x 95cm

O porto sempre por achar || That port forever unfound

Acrílico e pastel de óleo s/ tela | Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas
183 x 138 cm

O mar universal e a saudade || The universal sea and nostalgia

Acrílico e pastel de óleo s/ tela | Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas
1,68 x 1,41 cm

O milagra das rosas || The miracle of roses
Acrílico e pastel de óleo s/ tela | Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas
120 x 100 cm



bio — work

    Maria José Cabral was born on 30 January 1993 in Lisbon where she lives and works. In 2014 she graduated in Sculpture from the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon and in 2018 became master in Painting by the same University.
Since 2012 she exhibits regularly, already counting exhibitions in the cities of Lisbon, Coimbra, Funchal, New York, Madrid, Venice and Palermo.
    It is through the images that best express herself, but as an artist, she values the various forms of communication that lead her to convey a message, whether through painting, sculpture, photography or even writing.
    Having as one of the focal points of her work the spontaneous formation of colors, a characteristic that accentuates the thematic universe linked to idleness as a means of personal development and transcendence, her work results in the plastic exploration of the various layers of memory which together with the imaginary fused with possible mutations and (re)creations.
        It is a process of assimilation and contextualization in the contemporary world, of some concepts that reflect their theoretical and plastic thinking, combining these to the experimental side that meets the fragments of time rescued from various situations and experiences.

Exposições Coletivas:

2019 June - “Arte para Respirar” lado a lado da exposição “Banksy: Genius or Vandal?”, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon, Portugal;
2019 May - Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy;
2019 May - The Switch Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;
2019 April - Internacional Biennial of Espinho, Espinho, Portugal;
2018 October - We Contemporary, Palermo, Italy;
2018 May - Agora Gallery, Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos;
2018 April - Fundación Pons, Womans Essence Show, Madrid, Spain;
2017 June - Espaço Santa Catarina, Lisbon, Portugal;
2015 March - Allarts Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;
2013 November - 1ª Bienal de Pintura Mutasa - Instituto Superior de Gestão (ISG), Lisbon, Portugal;
2013 June - Galeria Maria Lucília Cruz, Lisbon, Portugal.

Exposições Individuais:

2019 July - Venice Biennale, Official Pavilion at Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy;
2018 October - Fundação PT, Lisbon, Portugal;
2016 September - Museu da Eletricidade, Funchal - Madeira, Portugal;
2015 December - Studio Team Box - Lx factory, Lisbon, Portugal;
2015 October - Ordem dos Médicos, Coimbra, Portugal;
2015 August - Ateneu, Funchal - Madeira, Portugal;
2015 June -Mercearia das Artes, Coimbra, Portugal;
2015 June - Allarts Gallery, Cascais, Portugal;
2015 April - Clube Ferroviário, Lisbon, Portugal;
2015 April - Allarts Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;
2015 January - Primeiro Andar, Lisbon, Portugal;
2014 December - Turim Avenida da Liberdade Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal;
2014 July - Fundação PT, Lisbon, Portugal;
2014 March - Blog Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal.

Museu Casa da Luz, Funchal, Madeira;

2019 april - Distinguished with an Honorable Mention in the scope of the 5th International Biennial of Art of Espinho, Espinho, Portugal.
2018 april - Woman Art Award 2018, Madrid, Spain.

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